2018 Fila Fine Art Catalog 2018 Fila Fine Art Price List_Catalog - Page 131

Brushes SIMPLY SIMPLY BRUSHES by Daler-Rowney provides a complete range of value priced artist brush sets covering all types of Fine art & Decorative painting techniques. Attractive and informative multi-lingual packaging, color coded by medium, directs the consumer to an easy purchasing decision. Item # Description MOQ MSRP Simply ® Watercolor Brushes Item # Description MOQ MSRP Simply ® Acrylic Brushes A selection of brushes ideally suited for all Watercolor techniques, styles & washes. Tapered Brown Taklon Rounds provide fine point and perfect spring for design strokes and details. Natural Hair Wash brushes hold maximum amounts of fluid color for wet applications. A complete selection of the most popular shapes and sizes for all fine art, decorative art, and craft & hobby projects. 214900814 7 Pc Watercolor Brush Set 12 $13.10 Simply ® Mixed Media Brushes Tapered Gold Taklon has the perfect spring & point for fine strokes and details. Firm White Nylon has the extra snap and durability for design on any surfaces. 214900115 10-Pc White Nylon Set 12 $14.50 214900918 10-Pc Gold Taklon Set 12 $12.79 214900920 10-Pc Gold Taklon Detail Set 12 $12.79 Simply ® Oil Brushes Natural Chungking Bristle is ideal for painting with thick or thin oil paints on canvas and panels. A wide assortment of multi-purpose brush sets offering various hair types, shapes and handle lengths to accommodate any mixed media project. The long natural flags carry maximum color and spread the thickest paint smoothly and evenly. Gold Taklon soft synthetic filament provides good spring with a fine point and chisel edge for all fluid colors. White Nylon firm synthetic filament brings extra spring and durability, for rough surfaces. Long handle easel assortment has all the shapes to paint everything from landscapes to portraits. Natural Soft Hair for carrying large amounts of watercolor and inks for washes and wet techniques. Natural Chungking Bristle has the resilient spring and natural flags to hold and blend the thickest oil paints on any surface. 124888012 25 Pc Mixed Media Brush Set 12 $25.69 124888948 4-Pc Tempera Brush Set 12 $7.70 124888950 Big Brush Flat 12 $10.50 124988815 10 Brush & Palette Set 12 $15.60 214900880 4-Pc Detail Set 12 $7.70 214900510 Tech Brush Set GES 2-Pc 4 $12.79 214900521 Tech Brush Set MINI 2-Pc 4 $12.79 214900522 Tech Brush Set F&F 4-Pc 4 $12.79 214900885 7-Pc Natural Hair 12 $9.89 214900913 10 Pc Oil Brush Set 12 $14.09 131