2018 Fila Fine Art Catalog 2018 Fila Fine Art Price List_Catalog - Page 128

SIMPLY Item # Color Description MOQ MSRP Simply Acrylic Paint Sets Item # Description MOQ MSRP Simply Oil Paint Sets ® ® Item # Description MOQ MSRP Simply ® Acrylic Gesso Prepares canvases and other surfaces for painting. Gesso hides the substrate with a matte white finish that accepts water-based paints. Paint adheres better on primer, and it requires fewer coats to cover. 129500012 Add color to your artwork projects and masterpieces. Compatible with various painting surfaces such as any- sized canvas, thick watercolor paper, canvas boards or medium density fiberboard (MDF) that has been primed. 126500006 Acrylic 6x12ml Set 6 $7.09 Simply Oils are affordable colors that can be used to paint on all conventional oil painting surfaces. These soft-bodied colors can be used straight from the tube as they wet easily onto the surface, or mixed with Simply Low Odor Thinner. 126500012 Acrylic 12x12ml Set 6 $10.89 118500006 Oil 6x12ml Set 6 $7.09 126500024 Acrylic 24x12ml Set 6 $2 MH LN L L [ L L[] L BLL HXܞ[X [[]  LN L L[  L[] MBLL HXܞ[XܙX]]HX\[] KMH[\H0Xܞ[XX\\ LL LLXܞ[XZ[] YXH KNB[\H0XXHZ[]’[YHH[HوX[Y\][H܂Y[ ^HH]ZXH[[H\YZ[ۂ[۝[[ۘ[]\܈\X\X\\\܈HXX[H\\Y[\ˈ[ܜ]HY[ܛ][]YH\]YH[^H[]HHۙ˜ݙ\[\L XXH L[] ˌBL LLXXH L L[] L BL LXXH  L[] MB[\H0]\܈Z[]‘XX K[X\\X]\\H [H[]\ XݚY\^[[ݙ\YHوX[[\B\X\ˈHXܞ[XZ[][HX\\\\X[[[\Z[[ݚY\XZYYB][ܚ[[ܚ][˂L L HXܞ[XZ[X\\‘ [\ T L NBL L Xܞ[XZ[X\\X]H T L NBL L Xܞ[XZ[X\\”[X\Hܜ KT L Mˍ BL L Xܞ[XZ[X\\Ž T] L ˎMB[\H0YY][\’[Y\]\X\Y܈YY[]\HYX[܂Y[܈ۈ\[\۝[[ۘ[]\܂\X\ˈܜ[܈HYH[]H܈\H[\[\H[\Z^XK][[\܈X[]Y\˂L L ]\܈ L[] ˌBL L L ]\܈ L L[] L BL L L]\܈  L[] MBL L H]\܈ܙX]]BX\[] KMBL L ]\܈]] L L ͂L]\܈ ͈[]LH[\H[HوZ[[YY][\[Y\B\[X[Z[[YY][\YYYH[HY[\LNML  [[X\[ZY  MKLLNML  [[܈[\  ˍB H LL L[X]YY][H  M B M MH LL  L[YY][H  M BMވ[\H]B\ Lˌ