2018 Fila Fine Art Catalog 2018 Fila Fine Art Price List_Catalog - Page 124

BRUSHES A comprehensive, consumer friendly program of 46 of the most popular brush assortments covering all aspects of fine art & decorative art painting. This program is designed to help the consumer effortlessly make the right choice. Every Simply Simmons Studio set offers superior value vs. competition with higher quality, larger sizes, lower prices and better consumer information. Attractive color coded packaging and handle color provide an easy visual guide by medium. Hair type, price code (A thru G), and the number and shape of brushes in the set, plus the size of each, is quickly and clearly visible by the symbols on the package front. Finally, a full color, multi-lingual selection guide on the package back explains different strokes & techniques for each head shape. 124 WATERCOLOR SETS ACRYLIC & OIL SETS Natural Fine Hairs & Mixes, most suitable for Watercolor applications. 6 Short Handle sets containing 3,4,5,or 10 pcs; including brushes made of Pony Hair, Goat Hair, Brown Taklon, and Pure Red Sable plus an individually packaged 2” Camel Mix Mega Wash. White Nylon, perfe ܈X\Xܞ[X [\\˂ܝ[H[ ۙ[H]H[ۈ]˜۝Z[[ K ܈ L[H\]H[HوXY[\\[[]YX[HXYY 'H]H[ۂYYHY[ۙH\ \\\] ][H\ܚ\[ۈSHTԔNL L Xܞ[X [] TH N BNL LLXܞ[X [] L H KNL Xܞ[X [] H KNBNL HXܞ[X [] ̈  BNL Xܞ[X []   BNL Xܞ[X []  H LK NL Xܞ[X []  MKBNL L Xܞ[X [] TH  BNL L HXܞ[X [] T̈ LK NL L Xܞ[X [] T LK PԖSPU NL L Xܞ[X [] T N BNL Xܞ[X [] H MKBZۋ\܈ZYXܞ[XX\]Y\ˈ Lܝ[HZۈ]۝Z[[ K ܈ œ[Y[[[\[H\ Xܘ]]HXY[\\[[]YX[HXYY 'HZۈYYB][ \՘\\\]ˈ NL HXܞ[X [] H N BNM L Xܞ[X []H MKB][H\ܚ\[ۂSHTԔNLL L ]\܈]LTH N BNLL LL]\܈]ЌLH KNLL ]\܈]LH ˍNBNLL H]\܈]L̈ ˍNBNLL ]\܈]MH KNBNLL H]\܈]ЍH KNBNLL L ]\܈]MTH LK ][H\ܚ\[ۂNL L SU“SHTԔXܞ[X] TH N H NL Xܞ[X] H KNH NL HXܞ[X] ̈  H NL Xܞ[X]   H]\[[[\KYX[܈[Z[[ۂ[\X\ˈ ܝ[H[ ۙ[H\B[[\H]۝Z[[    ܈ Lš[Y[HX[][ۈX\[]]]H[ۈ \HYXH\\\[[]YX[HXYY'H[[\HYYHY NL Xܞ[X]   H][H\ܚ\[ۈSHTԔNL L Xܞ[X] TH  H NM L []TH N BNL L HXܞ[X] T̈  H NM LL[]L H KNL L Xܞ[X] T LK  NM []H ˍNBNL L Xܞ[X] T MKH NM H[]̈ ˍNBNL Xܞ[X] H LK  NM []H KNBNL HXܞ[X] ̈ LK  NM H[] H LK NL Xܞ[X] N H NM [] MKBNL Xܞ[X] H MKH NM []Ѝ H MKBNLLL Xܞ[X] QH LK  NM H[] H N BNLL Xܞ[X]ЌH MKH NM [] H N