2018 Fila Fine Art Catalog 2018 Fila Fine Art Price List_Catalog - Page 110

MODELING CLAY Item # Description MOQ MSRP Air Hardening Modeling Clay A self air-hardening (non-baking) modelling clay. Fine and even textures that are easy to smooth. Can be used with wood, cardboard and terracotta. Poster paint and varnish can be used when decorating. Das objects are solid and strong. 387000 White, 1.1lb 24 387100 Terra Cotta, 1.1lb 24 $7.74 $7.74 387500 White, 2.2lb 12 $12.85 387600 Terra Cotta, 2.2lb 12 $12.85 Idea Mix NE W! Self air-hardening marbling mineral-based clay. You can use with DAS white or terracotta and allows you to create natural and unique effects. In six intense colors, it creates monochrome or polychrome beautiful veins on DAS terracotta and white. Dermatologically tested and free of gluten. Each package includes a block of 100g, an illustrated leaflet with instructions and an airtight container to maintain long product freshness after opening. 342001 Imperial Yellow 1 $8.99 342002 Verona Red 1 $8.99 342003 Sodalite Blue 1 $8.99 342004 Serpentine Green 1 $8.99 342005 Portoro Black 1 $8.99 342006 Imperial Brown 1 $8.99 Bijoux Sets NE W! DAS Idea Mix Jewellery is a complete set, ready to use to create wonderful jewelry with a marble effect. Available in shades of Verona Red or Portoro Black. A compact package with visible contents. 110 345100 Black 1 $39.99 345200 Red 1 $39.99 Since 1963 the inimitable DAS clay has been an iconic Italian made brand. In classic white and terracotta colors and today also in marble colors. It is an air- drying clay and does not require cooking. Synonymous with modelling throughout the world, recognized for its versatility, easy to mould and work with. It can adhere to supports of any kind and easily used with other materials. It can be painted with tempera, acrylic and other colors. 110