2018 Fila Fine Art Catalog 2018 Fila Fine Art Price List_Catalog - Page 103

PASTELS & CHARCOAL Soft Pastels Lyra Polycrayons Polycrayon Soft square colored pastels are more suited to drawing fine lines than the round versions. They create strong vibrant strokes, smudge easily and can be rubbed out with a kneaded eraser. The percentage of binding agent used is kept to a minimum to ensure the pigment adheres to the page. The color is therefore very pure and bright. Item # Description MOQ MSRP 5651120 12 Assorted Stick Set 12 $17.12 5651240 24 Assorted Stick Set 6 $34.26 PASTELS & CHARCOAL Mediums Item # Description MOQ MSRP Maimeri Final Spray Varnish • Protective colorless varnish • Produces a very resistant film to varnish thoroughly dry oil paintings • Fast drying 5832669 400ml Aerosol Spray, Gloss 1 $25.10 5832673 400ml Aerosol Spray, Matt 1 $25.10 Daler-Rowney Pastel & Charcoal Perfix Fixative Spray Daler-Rowney Perfix Colorless Fixative is an odorless aerosol spray that fixes charcoal and pastels. Specially formulated to reduce smudging and dusting. Dries rapidly. Supplied in easy application aerosol can. It also does not darken light colors as much as competetive fixative sprays. 114170000 150ml Aerosol Spray 6 $13.29 114280000 400ml Aerosol Spray 6 $27.99 Daler-Rowney Spray Diffuser Used for spraying fixative directly from the bottle to protect pencil and pastel drawings. Can also be used in watercolor techniques to diffuse color on paper from a bottle. 805005001 Spray Diffuser 1 $9.59 103