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B U N R A T T Y MEADE Taste The Legendary Spirit Imported from Ireland Bunratty Meade is produced in County Clare, Ireland with real honey, select herbs and wine. It recreates the legendary drink that has been enjoyed for centuries and no ceremony is complete without it. Served nightly at Bunratty Castle’s Medieval Banquet, it has been tasted by millions of global and US travelers. It is customary for a Bride and Groom to partake in drinking it for one full moon after their wedding, hence the term "honeymoon". Imported to the US for 26 years, Bunratty Meade is the proud leader in a rapidly growing category. Bunratty Potcheen is Ireland’s first and finest Legal Potcheen which is also imported here in the US. ©2018 Bunratty Meade (14.7% ABV) and Bunratty Potcheen (45% ABV) of Bunratty Winery, Bunratty, Co. Clare, Ireland. Imported By Camelot Importing Co., Liberty Corner, NJ. Please drink responsibly. 2018 TPSA Convention-49