2018 - 2019 Polk Vision Annual Report PV Annual Report 2018_WEB - Page 4

03 A Message from the Director Kim Long Executive Director, Polk Vision, Inc. Staff Reba Coil Program Manager Brenda Torres Team Coordinator Pauline Simmonds- Brown Education and Talent Alignment Coordinator An abiding commitment to making connections through civic engagement and leadership has been the hallmark of Polk Vision since it was established 14 years ago. Indeed, our effectiveness as an organization is due to the mutually respectful relationships that have been forged as a connected community of citizens and colleagues from across the county. As we reflect upon our work this past year, we have much to celebrate including the thoughtful and principled leadership provided by our Governing Board. This year our Chair, Dr. Elaine Thompson, guided the process of clarifying the long-term outcomes that underpin the work of the organization. This clarity of direction brought sharper focus to the work of the Operating Board and LEAD Teams as they continued making connections towards achieving sustainable solutions to many of the complicated issues facing our community. The strong connection between our volunteer leadership and the small (but mighty) staff is integral to the success of our organization. These wonderfully nimble and passionate individuals serve as fidelity keepers for the alignment process and standard bearers for the mission and values at the heart of Polk Vision. A V"gVb&֗6R2&Vf&PW22vRvV6RWrff6W'0BF&V7F'2FW"vfW&p&&CW&BFRFV6GbW W&Fr&&CB6FVRF&VVfBg&FRWW'F6Rb琦FWfFVBfVFVW'26֗GFVBFF2'FBv&F&VvF06V7FVB6VGvR&PrW"6&VBf6f"FPgWGW&RbƲ6VG&VƗG