2018 - 2019 Polk Vision Annual Report PV Annual Report 2018_WEB - Page 22

21 LEFT: Children deserve safe places to walk — starting with the trip to school. Walking is one of the easiest ways for kids to get the recommended allotment of physical exercise and contributes to both physical well being and increases cognitive learning. By starting with children and their trip to school, communities become safe places for everyone to walk. Infrastructure LEAD Team The Infrastructure Team continues in partnership with the Polk Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) to evaluate the need for sidewalks within a one mile radius of public schools (the area where most PRIORITY SIDEWALK PROJECTS SIDEWALK COVERAGE ANALYSIS Candidate projects are being referred 140 Public Schools to State, County and local jurisdictions for funding. The Infrastructure Team 639 centerline miles of arterial and collector roads within one mile of walkers converge on a school). together with staff from the TPO are The Infrastructure Team and TPO are projects, based on factors such as now concentrating on those schools connectivity, likely available right-of- with the worst sidewalk coverage. way, and potential to serve greatest Using a range of established criteria as number of students. The future of (Geographic Information System – GIS “high need,” they have evaluated and priority projects is subject to funding – analysis of major road network within identified priority sidewalk projects. availability and engineering-level one mile of schools) identifying highest priority, or top feasibility analysis (review of right-of- way, drainage and potential utility relocation issues). 15 Priority Sidewalk Projects (from Phase I list) with an estimated cost of $3.1 Million have been referred to the Polk County Sidewalk Advisory Committee for review and consideration for funding. Public Schools 179 miles (28%) do not have a sidewalk on either side of the road