2018 - 2019 Polk Vision Annual Report PV Annual Report 2018_WEB - Page 15

14 2017 – 2018 CABINET Vision Before 2030, Polk County will have a world- class, fully integrated education system that supports the needs of a vibrant, progressive community. Teri Saunders Co-Chair Heartland for Children Marc Hutek, Ph.D. Co-Chair Polk County Public Schools Penny Borgia United Way of Central Florida TOP: Andrea Hagan, who was selected as the Director of the Community Partnership School, is an employee of Heartland for Children and will work closely with School Principal, Kristan Fowler. At this time, a community assessment is being performed which will determine the initial program design and range of services. The programs offered at the school will be implemented in phases beginning in the 2018-19 school year and will be based on the needs of the children, families and members of the surrounding community. Polk Vision will continue working directly with the core partners in the alignment of resources to support the students, families and residents of the Crystal Lake community. MIDDLE: Principal Kristan Fowler and Polk Vision staff member, Pauline Simmonds- Brown, discuss the Community Partnership School TM model with parents. A series of parent engagement events, sponsored in part by a grant from the Lakeland Area Chamber Foundation, were held on the Crystal Lake campus during the Spring of 2018. During these sessions, Team members surveyed attendees and explained how the school will transition to serve as a hub for education, healthcare and social services not only for students and their parents, but also members of the surrounding community. Information sessions were conducted around the county to raise awareness about the benefits of adopting the Community Partnership School model. BOTTOM: Team members, Dr. Ed Shoemaker, Kim Daugherty, Penny Borgia, and Dr. Marc Hutek with ŪthMpact students hosted by Florida Southern College. Amy Bratten Southeastern University Ann Claussen Central Florida Health Care Kristan Fowler Polk County Public Schools Tracy Grey Heartland for Children Andrea Hagan Heartland for Children Kim Long Polk Vision Rachel Pleasant Polk County Public Schools Billy Townsend Polk County School Board Angela Usher Polk County Public Schools