2018 - 2019 Polk Vision Annual Report PV Annual Report 2018_WEB - Page 12

11 Attendance LEAD Team ABOVE: Connie Loutzenhiser, Principal at Eagle Lake Elementary, celebrates her attendance heroes by regularly posting progress reports on her Challenge 5™ Campaign bulletin board. The Polk County School District’s Strategic Plan identifies reducing student absenteeism as key to improving student achievement. The Attendance Team is committed to finding a systemic solution to this widespread problem facing students of all ages and grades. Starting as early as pre-school and kindergarten, chronic absence can leave third graders unable to read proficiently, sixth graders struggling with coursework and high school students off track for graduation. Inspired by the success achieved by the Grand Rapids, Michigan School District (Believe 2 Become, 2016), the Polk Vision Attendance Team together with Polk County Public Schools adopted a multi-pronged tactical plan that entered its first- year pilot phase in Fall 2017. Five area elementary schools began integrating elements of an actionable messaging campaign, Strive For Less Than 5™ Days Absent, intended to activate parents as partners and engage the local community as stakeholders. ABOVE: Support at the District and School leadership level is at the core of any pilot program. Polk County School Board Members officially launched the Challenge 5™ pilot program on November 14, 2017. CHALLENGE 5 TM PILOT SCHOOLS CODE Academy Eagle Lake Elementary Garner Elementary Griffin Elementary Palmetto Elementary Permission to use Challenge 5 TM , Strive for Less Than Five TM Days Absent Campaign granted on behalf of Believe 2 Become (B2B,) an initiative of the Doug and Maria DeVos Foundation. The launch of the campaign was scheduled to coincide with the first week of September in recognition of Attendance Awareness Month. Unfortunately, the campaign was sidetracked with countywide preparations for Hurricane Irma. The storm severely impacted Polk County and the Challenge 5™ campaign faltered due to ѡɕ)ɕͥՅ́ѡɥ)єѡхɕхаѡ)٥ɥMи ɐMɥ))Ց݅́ɅѼѡͅ)ɕɽ٥)ՍմѼѡ)ٕи