2018-2019 exchange Winter 2019 Newsletter FINAL - Page 6

A Message from The Chapter President Greetings ARMA Metro NYC Chapter Members and Friends, One only needed a few minutes of Twitter time on January 28th be- fore being inundated with tweets featuring the hashtag #dataprivacyday, which is a nod to the internationally observed phe- nomenon. Politicians, corporate executives, pundits of all walks of life— even celebrities— all took to social media to express their views on a once-esoteric issue that has galvanized the masses, seemingly overnight, and has taken up center-stage in global policymaking de- bates. It amazes me how far we’ve come, and how far we have yet to go. To say that technology (and by that I mean the churning machine of innovation and all its by-products: idea incubators, funding, research and development, marketing) advances rapidly is a gross understate- ment. We’ve come a long way from discovering that we can encode binary information in a transistor. Indeed, our capacity to store data has compounded steadily and predictably for a long time (see Moore’s Law). As I see it, that evolution was the first dimension of da- ta as a transformative process. The second dimension was the advent of the Internet and its rapid maturity into a full-blown ecosystem that enables us to distribute the data, and to communicate in unprecedented ways. Along the way, we managed to think up devices out of all that technological soup; devic- es that can autonomously create their own data on top of the data that we have generated. Now there’s data being generated by more sources than ever, and at a compounding rate. This is the third dimension. 6