2018-2019 exchange Winter 2019 Newsletter FINAL - Page 5

Dear Readers: The Chapter year is in full swing, and there is a lot to be excited about! One upcoming event that I would like to highlight in this column is the Spring Conference on March 5 th . Notably, the conference features four diverse educa- tional tracks— Governance, Risk & Control, Technology, Information Governance/RIM Practices and Legal— and key topics include priva- cy, data governance, cybersecurity, cross-border data issues and stra- tegic planning and growth. As always, the sessions will be led by prominent speakers, such as Bill Saffady, Jason Stearns, and Mark Di- amond. Please click here to learn more and register! As you know, the content of last year’s issues focused on data. Since the response was overwhelmingly positive, I decided to continue to feature content on this topic. In this issue, there is a video excerpt from the September 2018 evening meeting where use cases for ana- lytics in law firms and corporations was discussed. I also included a prior interview with a data scientist. I think the interview and the presentation complement each other quite nicely— the former pro- vides the reader with a solid understanding of data science and its use cases while the latter delves into more detail about data analytics initi- atives. I hope you enjoy this issue and, as always, please feel free to share your feedback with me. Jen Best Editor-In-Chief, exchange (NewsletterVP @armanyc.org) 5