2018-2019 exchange Sept-Oct 2018 Newsletter FINAL - Page 6

A Message from The Chapter President Greetings ARMA Metro NYC Chapter Members and Friends, For as long as I can recall being involved in ARMA, I’ve been hearing fellow members say the phrase “it’s an exciting time for the Associa- tion”. Around the time that I joined the ranks was the unofficial introduction of electronic records into the mainstream RIM vernacular. There was the Enron scandal and subsequent fallout in case law, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure revisions followed by the “Web 2.0” as it was known and all of its social media implications. From there was the economic collapse of 2008, the American Recovery and Reinvest- ment Act and its (partial at least) focus on medical records, and the mobilization of cloud based infrastructures and data stores. Most re- cently, there have been advances in practical auto-classification and AI technologies that promise to revolutionize how we interface with our digital information. And it’s true, those were all exciting times in their own rights, and gave rise to so many new offshoots and organizations of what we now refer to as Information Governance. But I truly believe we are at the cusp of nothing short of a revolution. Faced with shifting de- mographics and the rapidly accelerating development of highly so- phisticated technologies, I can’t help but feel that the nexus of our transformation - as not just an association of members but an entire industry - has yet to be fully realized. Business executives, policymakers, and even average households are feeling the severe effects of data breaches like Experian, and the sobering reality of sweeping regulatory frameworks like GDPR. They 6