2017 Winter Catalog - Page 15

Hidden Paris Caroline Clifton-Mogg Silly Isles Eric Campbell In the Land of Giants Gabi Martínez HB $59.99 No other European capital city has the same allure, charm and pleasures to be searched for and discovered as Paris. Paris has always hidden much of its domestic charm behind closed doors. Behind those doors are homes grouped round courtyards and gardens, which remain unseen by all except for those in the know. Hidden Paris opens the door to some of these secret interiors and sheds a light on how Parisians really live. PB $32.99 No man is an island. But lots of strange men live on them. In the islands experienced international reporter Eric Campbell surveys here he finds microcosms of society, complete with long-lasting blood feuds, hidden wars, bizarre histories; all the vanities, hopes and rivalries of great powers. Wry, witty and clever, with a wonderful eye for the absurd, Eric Campbell is the Bill Bryson of the small, odd forgotten places. PB $35.00 High up in the Hindu Kush, between the ancient pagan Kalash people and the new medievalists of the Taliban, a charismatic young Spaniard, Jordi Magraner, made his home, mastering the local languages and customs before meeting his death there in the most mysterious way. Gabi Martínez sets off in Jordi’s footsteps to the land of the giants in order to try to solve the riddle of this murder, and of Jordi’s life. Villa Astor Various Versailles Various Ocean Liners Daniel Finamore & Ghislaine Wood HB $80.00 William Waldorf Astor exquisitely curated Villa Astor as a masterpiece of art, architecture, and design. Dominating the Bay of Naples in Sorrento, Villa Astor is an Italian landmark with a rich history dating back to the Roman Empire. This volume traces the history of a legendary house, garden, and art collection and the extraordinary life of one of the world's most enigmatic tycoons. HB $100.00 August Versailles is one of the most photographed places in the world, but only four people have the privilege of being the Palace’s official photographers. They have uniquely unfettered access to the secrets that lie within, outside and beneath this enormous domain where they spend their days—and sometimes their nights. Now, for the first time, they open their personal albums to offer a wealth of impressions and responses. HB $79.99 The golden age of ocean liners is linked with the decorative trends of the 20th century—Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and Modernism. This lavish visual feast explores the technical, aesthetic, cultural and political factors that came together to define such an iconic mode of travel, considering all aspects of the ocean liner experience. Closing the book is an exploration of the impact of the ocean liner on the art and design world as an icon of modernity.