2017 Winter Catalog - Page 13

In My Kitchen Deborah Madison On Vegetables Jeremy Fox Annie's Farmhouse Kitchen Annie Smithers HB $69.99 From the foremost authority on vegetarian cooking and one of the most trusted voices in food comes an updated collection of 100 favourite and most inspired recipes, reflecting how Deborah Madison loves to cook now. Perfect for both weeknight dinners and special occasions, this book will delight long-time fans and newcomers to Madison—and anyone who loves fresh, flavorful cooking. HB $59.95 Known for his game-changing approach to cooking with vegetables, Jeremy Fox first made his name at the Michelin-starred restaurant Ubuntu in Napa Valley. In his first book, Fox presents his food philosophy in the form of 160 approachable recipes for the home cook. On Vegetables elevates vegetarian cooking, using creative methods and ingredient combinations to highlight the textures, flavours, and varieties of seasonal produce. HB $40.00 Annie’s Farmhouse Kitchen is a window on the world of acclaimed Victorian chef Annie Smithers. It includes a best-of selection of menus collected by Annie over the three years of her restaurant, du Fermier, in Trentham. While part of du Fermier’s appeal is undeniably its charming central Victorian location, this farmhouse- style eatery is the sort of place intrepid food lovers might stumble across in rural France or Dorset or California. The Grammar of Spice Caz Hildebrand So French So Sweet Gabriel Gaté On the Side Ed Smith HB $39.99 August Even the most enthusiastic cooks have spices inhabiting kitchen cabinets past their expiration dates. We often don’t know much about them, where they come from, or how to use them. But spices can elevate the everyday act of making and consuming food to a higher plane of experience. The Grammar of Spice is a resource for cooks that also changes the way we understand the role spices play in defining not only our food but also our place in the world. HB $29.99 So French So Sweet is a love letter to pâtisserie, baking and sweet treats. An irresistible collection of French classics and treasured sweet recipes, it brings together exquisite cakes and tarts, refreshing sorbets and fruity desserts, scrumptious ice creams, mousses and crèmes and heavenly warm desserts. With a focus on seasonal ingredients and home-style cooking, Gabriel Gaté shows just how simple it is to create treats for everyone to enjoy. HB $39.99 While writing his food blog, Ed Smith noticed that side dishes were often being relegated to an over-boiled afterthought. But side dishes have the potential to be as inspirational as the main event itself. Here you'll find 140 inspiring recipes and insightful tips to make your pulses, roots, vegetables and greens dazzle in their own right, complete with a recipe directory that will help you find the perfect accompaniment, whatever you're cooking.