2017 SWA On-line Catalogs Sheep & Mountain Goat 2018 Catalog - Page 6

Brooks Range Alaska Dall Sheep /Grizzly Bear Combo Hunt #2 This great hunt takes place in the central Brooks Range, with over 1.5 million acres of exclusive guide use in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. This is a traditional back- pack style hunt. If you aren’t in great shape (can carry 60 pounds or more, in steep terrain, for 8-10 miles per day), please don’t sign up for this hunt. Trophy rams here will typcially run 36-40 inches. Excellent outfitter, we have worked with him here at Shoshone Wilderness Adventures for nearly 20 years. Arctic Grizzly Bear can be harvested on this hunt on a trophy fee basis for $6000. 10 Day 1x1 Dall Sheep Hunt $21,450 plus $990 Air charter from Bettles. Your hunt is filmed, at no extra charge. 6 6