2017 SWA On-line Catalogs Sheep & Mountain Goat 2018 Catalog - Page 31

Texas Aoudad (Barbary Sheep) Hunt #17 Super hunt on a huge Texas ranch, with over 500 deeded square miles (320,000 acres) of hunting country. Ranch is located near Alpine, Texas. Comfortable ranch house accommoda- tions and great meals. Maximum of four hunters per week. 4x4 transportation, spot and stalk hunting. Experience the thrill of a sheep hunt, at the fraction of the cost. Janua 'VBFFW2&2vVGf6RW6VVBWFfGFW"इVFW'26FB66֗F"ֆ&VB'F0VBbFWv6BFVFBVBCCsSBFVFB66֗F"&VB'V@CssS3