2017 SWA On-line Catalogs Sheep & Mountain Goat 2018 Catalog - Page 26

Hunt British Columbia’s Bull River for Mountain Goat or Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep #12 Tired of trying to draw a Bighorn Sheep or Mountain Goat tag in the United States? Well, in B.C. you just book the hunt and go hunting. This hunt takes place in the Bull River coun- try of southeastern B.C. Good quality rams here. Hunt is for full curl or better rams only. Horseback style hunt, with lots of glassing. These tags are very lim- ited, and hence, the hunt is expensive. Accommodations are mostly cabins, with tents utilized if necessary. Excel- lent outfitters. Cranbrook is the near- est town. 10 Day 1x1 Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep $35,000 8 Day 1x1 Trophy Mountain Goat $13,500 Licenses, 5% G.S.T., and NRHPF are additional America’s Premier Hunting Consultants 26 26