2017 SWA On-line Catalogs Sheep & Mountain Goat 2018 Catalog - Page 14

Yukon Dall Sheep Hunt #6 Huge exclusive guiding area, and no resident pressure makes the Dall Sheep hunting in the Yukon second to none. Hunt transportation is horseback or backpack. All hunts are 1x1 guided. Some great rams in this coun- try. Hunters fly commerically to Whitehorse, and then charter to hunting camp. Camps may be cabins or tents, depending on sheep movement. Excellent outfit- ter, great hunt for big rams. 7 Day 1x1 Trophy Dall Sheep Hunt $24,500 10 Day 1x1 Trophy Dall Sheep Hunt $28,500 Harvest fee on Moose or Mt. Caribou $9750 Harvest fee on Grizzly Bear $15,000 America’s Premier Hunting Consultants 14 14