2017 SWA On-line Catalogs Moose & Caribou Catalog 2018 - Page 52

Alberta Float Hunt for Big Bulls During the Rut#23 Looking for a big bull moose, but want to be able to bring the meat home? This hunt, in western Alberta, just outside Jasper National Park, may be just the right choice for you. The outfitter owns all three non-resident tags for this area, bordered by the Athabaska River. The hunt is a classic float hunt, along several rivers that feed into the Athabaska. Comfortable tent camps. Bulls in here will typically run 45 inches and bet- ter. 4WD and ATV, with lots of hiking, is also an option on this hunt. These hunts take place in late September and early October, during the peak of the moose rut. Price of the hunt includes a wolf. Only three spots a year on this hunt, so please book well in advance. This hunt is a great choice for bowhunters or rifle hunters. 6 Day 1x1 Trophy Moose Hunt $7995, plus li- censes and 5% G.S.T. 52