2017 SWA On-line Catalogs Moose & Caribou Catalog 2018 - Page 18

British Columbia Trophy Moose or Mountain Caribou Hunt #6 This huge, exclusive guiding area, in the Telegraph Creek/Stikine River drainages of British Columbia, has over 8,000 square miles of territory, much of it untouched, even today. Excellent outfitter, we have worked with him for nearly twenty years. Lots of lakes and rivers in this country, wh XXZ\܈ܙX][[܈[H[܈ܜXX[[XX][[ܙH[[H\X\˂^[[[܈Y[ˈ[HX[Y\H[]] \XH[܈] ] L^H ^ H[H[ LˎL L^H ^ H[[Z[\XH[ L L L^H[H [[Z[\XH܈] ][ MKL Y][ۘ[Έ ML [\Z\\\ H[X]JKX[\ IB  L[YH]\\YB H KN ˜ۙ][\\˘BN