2017 SWA On-line Catalogs Miscellaneous Hunts 2019 - Page 36

Trophy Muskox Hunt #1 for Arctic Island Muskox This hunt for Arctic Island Caribou is based out of the village of Holman, in the N.W.T., on the west side of Victoria Island. The hunt can be done in either the fall (August) in the spring (March/April). The fall hunt uses quads and boat transportation, the spring hunt uses snowmobiles. The bulls on Victoria Island are slightly smaller than the bulls on the mainland. There is an option on this hunt for a second bull. Expect primitive conditions and rough cabins. These hunts are not for everyone. The fall hunt offers warmer temper- atures than the spring hunt, where it is often -50 de- grees F. 4 Day 1x1 Trophy Muskox Hunt $9500 Trophy Fee on a Second Muskox $4000 Hunt package includes: 4.5 hunting days, accommodation/meals while in camp, one guide for every hunter, field prep of trophy and hides. Not included: Muskox License, Government tax (5%), trophy and ex- port fees, commercial flights to and from Communities and accommo- dation/meals while in Yellowknife and extra nights in community due to bad weather etc. weather etc. 36