2017 SWA On-line Catalogs Miscellaneous Hunts 2019 - Page 31

ck for Giant Water Buffalo Australian Buffalo Safari #1 This is one of the most remote hunting ad- ventures found anywhere in the world. If you like hunting dangerous big game, in wild and primitive places, then add an Australian Outback Safari to your bucket list! Hunts are typically run June through September. Comfortable permanent camp, similar to an African style tented camp. 4x4 transportation. In addition to Water Buffalo, you can also hunt Banteng, Wild Oxen, Wild Boar, and fish for Barramundi. Hunt takes place on 2.1 million acre abo- riginal lease. 5 Day 1x1 Trophy Water Buffalo Hunt: $14.500. 2x1 $11,000 (over 35 inch spread) 5 Day 1x1 Management Buffalo Hunt (under 35 inch spread): $11,000, 2x1 $9000 10 Day Trophy Buffalo/Banteng Hunt $20,500 Wild Boar Trophy Fee $1000 Wild Oxen Trophy Fee $2500 Second (Trophy) Buffalo $4500 Second (Management) Buffalo $2500 31