2017 SWA On-line Catalogs Elk Catalog 2019 - Page 66

State by State Non-resident Elk Licensing Cost and Taxes Arizona: $151.25 General License plus $595.00 Elk Permit. $7.50 pref- erence point. Drawing Required. Colorad0: $586.00 + plus $3.00 drawing fee. No drawing required for most hunts listed in this catalog. Idaho: Hunting License $154.75, 3 Year License $460.75. Elk Tag $416.75. No drawing, first come, first served. 6% Idaho Sales Tax. Montana: Big Game Combo (Elk & Deer) $954, Elk Combo License $804 . License deadline March 25, but leftovers available most years. New Mexico: Standard Elk License $555, Quality or High Demand Elk License $780. Cow tage $355. Drawing required for some hunts. All hunts listed in this catalog include landowner permit, or have landowner permits available at an extra charge. 6.5% +or - County Sales Tax. Oregon: Base Hunting License $148.50. Elk tag $508.50. Mule Deer tag $383.50. Licenses guaranteeed through outfitter. Utah: Basic Hunting License $65.00, General Bull Elk $393.00, Limited Entry Elk $800. Drawing required for best areas. 6.85% Sales tax. Alberta: $254.97 (Cdn. Funds) Over the counter. 5% Goods and Serv- ices taxes. British Columbia: General Hunting License $180.00, Elk Tag $250.00, (Cdn. Funds) Over the counter. 5% Goods and Services Taxes. Non-res- ident Hunter Preservation Fee: $200 Wyoming: Regular Elk & Fishing License $577.00. Special Elk & Fish- ing License $1057. Preference Point only $50. $14.00 Application Fee is additional. 66