2017 SWA On-line Catalogs Elk Catalog 2019 - Page 14

Colorado Trophy Guaran- teed Elk Hunt # 9 Looking for a monster bull elk for the wall, but don’t have the time or desire to accumulate a dozen preference points, or the money to buy a Com- missioner’s tag? Or maybe you aren’t in elk hunting shape anymore. Then you should consider this trophy elk hunt, in western Colorado, on nearly eight square miles of managed (high fence) property. What we love about this hunt is you can harvest any bull on the property. None of this “You can’t shoot that bull, he’s out of your price range” stuff. Earlier hunts pro- duce the larger bulls (350-400), but we have had clients shoot 400 class bulls on the later hunts as well (300- 340 is typical). Nice lodge, great elk country, excellent outfitters. 4 Day 1x1 Trophy Elk Hunt (August or September $12,000 4 Day 1x1 Trophy Elk Hunt (October or November $8000. 14