2017 SWA On-line Catalogs Elk Catalog 2018 - Page 55

Idaho Hunt #25 Hunt Idaho’s famous Frank Church Wilderness of No Return: Hunt during the rut with a rifle. This is true wilderness elk hunting at its finest. It is rugged, tough, grueling, and very, very, rewarding. There are some great bulls in this country, but not all the hunters on this hunt will be successful. If you are a tough hunter, and have a like-minded hunting partner, then this may be just the hunt you are looking for. Only two hunters per camp. Comfortable tent camps. Hunting is done on foot, as the outfitter has found the best success is a quiet camp, where the elk are not pushed into the next county by a big camp and a string of horsees and mules. Larger party of 4- 6 can be accommodated, but split into camps of two. If your dream is to take a fair chase bull, in a wilderness set- ting, and you can handle the physical nature of this VBRvfRfF7F2VB6WFV&W"'WBVG2@7F&W"VG2vF'VvƖrB"6rVvRWFfGFp&VRbFR&W7B&66VG'VG2bFrF'G&VƲBVRFVW"VBCSrFG&VƲBVRFVW"VBCcrFVwVFVBG&6C#cS