2017 SWA On-line Catalogs Elk Catalog 2018 - Page 54

British Columbia Elk Hunt #27 This has long been one of the premier elk hunts in all of southern British Columbia. With nearly 400 square miles of exclusive guiding area, in the Purcell Wilderness Con- servancy, you will experience one of Canada’s most beau- tiful and game rich areas. Excellent outfitters. Comfortable cabin accommodations, scattered through- out the area, and reached primarily by horseback. Two hunters per camp, and 1x1 guiding is the norm. Rugged country, so be in as good a shape as possible. Highly rec- ommended adventure. Prices include airpo X\[ܘ[ˈ^[Z[[][H\XKYHܙX][[\[KX\H[[Y[KYB[\[H] X\H[^\^[Y[H B[\^H ^ H\\H[[ NMLH^H ^ H\\H[H [[ ML H^H ^ HYH[[  LH^H ^ H[ [[Z[]X[][ۈ[ M M