2017 SWA On-line Catalogs Deer Hunting Adventures Catalog 2018 - Page 58

Hunting northern Saskatchewan for big whitetails is the ultimate in fair chase whitetail hunting. Hunt- ing is done from either tree stands or heated ground blinds. Nice accommodations on this hunt; a very comfortable 4200 square foot lodge. Each hunter has a single bedroom to himself. Hunting area is about 250 square miles. Average shooter buck here is 150 or better, but you never really know, when the rut hits, what kind of monster whitetail buck might just show up. Hunters fly to Saskatoon, and drive north. 5 1/2 days of hunting. Highly recommended hunt, family run operation. In order to maintain their trophy quality, there is a $500 penalty for any buck harvested under 150 inches. There are 200 inch plus bucks in this country. Why shoot a little one? Tons of farmland here. This is the best big buck habi- tat I have ever seen. 5 1/2 Day Trophy Whitetail Hunt $4500 plus license and 5% Goods and Services Tax.Trophy 2x1 Guided America’s Premier Hunting Consultants 57 57