2017 SWA On-line Catalogs Deer Hunting Adventures Catalog 2018 - Page 56

Bowhunt Arizona for Big Mule Deer Bucks & Javelina Hunt #28 Arizona is a tough place to draw rifle mule deer tags, but we have a great hunt for big bucks for bowhunters, where we can hunt them during the rut in January. Why hang up your bow in November, when you can extend your hunting adventures all the way into January. This hunt takes place in southeast- ern Arizona, Units 31 and 32, where the drawing is 100%. We can also hunt big mule deer bucks in August and September, in the Kaibab of northern Arizona. These bucks will typically be in velvet. Comfortable tent camps, with home cooked meals. Very knowledgeable bowhunting outfitters. Hunts are a full six days. January hunters can harvest a javelina at no extra charge. Also a great Merriam’s Turkey hunt in the spring. 6 Day 1x1 Trophy Mule Deer Hunt $4900, 2x1 $3900 4 Day 1x1 Javelina Hunt $1650, 2x1 $1250 4 Day 1x1 Spring Turkey Hunt $1650, 2x1 $1250 America’s Premier Hunting Consultants 55 55