2017 SWA On-line Catalogs Deer Hunting Adventures Catalog 2018 - Page 14

Montana and Wyoming Mule Deer/Antelope Hunt #7 This great hunt for big mulies takes place in southeastern Montana or northern Wyoming, on huge private ranches. You can actually hunt both states from one location. Rustic cabin accommo- dations, with a ranchhouse for meals and rel ^ Bš[™Ëˆ^Ù[[Ý]š]\œË\ÙH˜[˜Ú\È\™B›X[˜YÙY›Ü\›H›Üˆ]X[]HØ[YKˆ\ÙH\™B™Ü™X]›ÝÚ[È›ÜˆZ]\ˆ][HY\ˆ܈][B™Y\‹Ø[[ÜHÛÛX›È[˂^H ž HšY›H][HY\ˆ[ ^H ž HšY›H][HY\‹Ð[[ÜHÛÛX›È M H^H ž H\˜Ú\žH][HY\ˆ[ Î H^H ž H\˜Ú\žH][HY\‹Ð[[ÜHÛÛX›Â‰  ŒÈ^H ž HšY›H[[ÜH[ Œ ^H ž H\˜Ú\žH[[ÜH[ ŒŒ Y ÍL\ˆ^H›Üˆ ^ HÝZY[™ÂZ\œܝXÚÝ\[ˆÚ[]KÞ[ÛZ[™È Œ Œ [Y\šXØx &\È™[ZY\ˆ[[™ÈÛۜÝ[[ŒLŒL