2017 SWA On-line Catalogs Black Bear Catalog 2019 - Page 44

Russian Brown Bear Hunt on Kamchatka Hunt #4 This a 100% successful hunt for bears in the 8-10 foot class. Each year, the outfit- ter takes a dozen or more 9 foot plus bears, and 3-4 that will go over the mag- ical 10 foot mark. If you want to see the wilds of Russia, and the beautifully rugged and remote Kamchatka Penin- sula, there is no better way than on a Russian Brown Bear hunt. Spring hunts are primarily snowmachine hunts, with fall hunts spot and stalk along salmon streams. The price in- cludes your 9 Day 1x1 hunt, meals, lodg- ing, interpreters, etc. Formalities package: Invitation; firearm export/im- port permit; international veterinary certificate, CITES Permit $600 extra; Meals & hotel in Petropalovsk addi- tional. 13-14 day total itinerary. $6000 for second bear plus $200 CITES. 9 Day 1x1 Russian Brown Bear Hunt $12,500 Spring Hunt 9 Day 1x1 Russian Brown Bear Hunt $12,500 Fall Hunt America’s Premier Hunting Consultants 44