2017 SWA On-line Catalogs Bear Catalog 2018 - Page 59

Togiak National Wildlife Refuge Alaskan Brown Bear Hunt #10 This is a rugged hunt, along the coastline of Alaska’s Bris- tol Bay. Hunters stay in simple, dome style tents. Weight is an issue here, because of the use of small planes for remote access. Excellent hunt for big bears. Pontoon boat trans- portation. These are fall hunts, with the bears feeding on salmon along the coastal streams of Bristol Bay. Bowhunters are welcome here, and do very well e&V'2W6VVB&Bv&rWFfGFW'2w&VBVRF6'&v&V"VBCSW2CS&VGG&"6'FW"g&FƖvТCb3sRӃCwwr66WvFW&W726Ц66WvFW&W726УS