2017 RAMM Catalog RAMM 2017 Catalog - Page 8

Flex Fence® Systems 425 • 30 year limited warranty • Up to 4,200 lbs. break strength • UV protected – no fading • Will never shatter or splinter • No stress marks if rail bends • Rails never need painting 4 rails of 425 425 is the workhorse of our Flex Fence® rails. More economical then our premium 525 Plus, but features the same polymer thickness and break strength. Popular in 4 rail configurations or 3 rails with a line of Shockline electric fencing. Where Can I Put This Fence? Pastures and Paddocks - Flex Fence® has superior break strength, flexes 6"- 8" on impact, is kind to both horse & rider and is extremely long lasting. It looks like a traditional fence, but is a safer alternative for your horses. Cross Fencing, Curves and Hills - Flex Fence® is excellent for cross fencing. It follows curves and flows up & down hills smoothly, unlike rigid “sectioned” fences. Arenas and Round pens - Flex Fence® offers safety and flexibility in work areas for your horse. It can smoothly flow around rounded corners, including round pens, to create a safer work place or pasture for you and your horses. 8 FLEX FENCE® 425 Prices subject to change. Visit rammfence.com for up to date items and pricing.