2017 RAMM Catalog RAMM 2017 Catalog - Page 63

• 1-1/2" (40mm) or 3/4" (20mm) thickness • Available in Gray, Black or Terra Cotta • Made from rubber buffings • Binding glue is UV stabilized • Color permeates the paver • 1-1/2" paver can be installed over gravel or concrete, 3/4" requires adhesive for concrete Barn Systems Rubber Pavers Available in Gray, Black or Terra Cotta Stable isle above shown using RAMM Rubber Pavers in Terra Cotta Our Interlocking Rubber Pavers are a durable non-slip surface perfect for equine walkways. They improve the safety of the footing and provide a cushion which will not crack, shrink or warp. Not all pavers are created equally… Base materials greatly affect the longevity of the product. Rubber buffings are fine shreds while crumb rubber is like a small pebble. Buffings are the preferred base for rubber pavers as they provide a much greater surface area for the binding glue. Be sure that the glue used on the pavers is UV stabilized so it does not break down in sunlight. Finally, beware of cheaply made pavers where the color is only on the surface. While these important details make for a more expensive paver, the cost benefit is quickly realized with their longevity. 63 Call 800.853.1611 | Fax 419.825.2433 | Email ramm@rammfence.com RUBBER PAVERS