2017 RAMM Catalog RAMM 2017 Catalog - Page 61

• High quality enclosed fixtures • No ballast to repair or replace • “Instant on” even in cold climates • All fixtures include bulbs • Frosted shatterproof lenses • Extremely low cost to operate Barn Systems LED Lighting Arena above shown using RAMM’s high bay LED Lighting LED Lighting is the most energy efficient option for your barn. Our lights are made in the USA and are entirely enclosed. Choose from 4' or 8' fixtures which feature the unique “night light” option or our 35,000 lumen high bay arena lights. What makes our LED barn lighting different? RAMM barn lighting is UL approved and produces daylight quality light with better distribution. They are cool burning and come on instantly, even at temperatures as low as -20˚F. The lights are enclosed, which seals out moisture, dust and bugs. Color rendition is accurate, making it possible to properly assess a horse’s condition. RAMM barn lighting is also efficient and will reduce your electric bill. They last up to 40 times longer than regular incandescent bulbs, meaning you’ll spend less time and money changing out bulbs. Our T8 LED lights are wash down safe which makes them ideal for wash racks! 61 Call 800.853.1611 | Fax 419.825.2433 | Email ramm@rammfence.com LED LIGHTING