2017 RAMM Catalog RAMM 2017 Catalog - Page 43

Horse Stall Systems Finish Options De-Mystifying Finish Options Pre-Galvanized / Galvalume®, Hot-Dip Galvanized, or Powder Coat…which one is the best option for you? Here are some highlights of each option available at RAMM. Pre-Galvanized/ Galvalume® Pre-Galvanized or Galvalume® refers to steel that has had a rust-protective coating applied when the steel is formed. The zinc layer of protection is thin and even, having a coating thickness of approximately 13µm. RAMM only uses pre-galvanized or Galvalume® material with a UV coating for our kit stalls. Without this coating, the finish will discolor over time. • The only finish option for all materials in the Derby & Essex Series • Economical and rust-resistant • Shiny silver appearance • Low maintenance finish Hot-Dip Galvanized Hot-Dip Galvanization refers to dipping steel in a vat of zinc. This is done after the steel has been welded, bent, cut, etc. and is in its final form. Hot-dip provides a much thicker layer of zinc (approximately 55µm) than pre-galvanization and therefore increased rust protection. • A standard finish option for the Oxford and Dublin Series Tuscany and Nobleman Stall Series upon request • Superior rust inhibition that will last for decades • Slightly matte, industrial looking silver appearance • Extremely durable and maintenance free Powder Coat Powder Coat is a process by which paint in a talc like form is applied to metal. The freshly coated parts are cured in an oven to form a durable, seamless finish. The powder coat provides both color and rust inhibition to the surfaces. RAMM powder coats over pre-galvanized or Galvalume® steel for added rust protection. • A finish option for the Oxford, Cambridge, Dublin, Tuscany and Nobleman Series • High gloss black is standard, but a wide variety of colors are available • Smooth, consistent appearance that can coordinate with other barn finishes • This finish requires maintenance if the horses damage the coating Note: We do not offer products made from aluminum. Even at 1/4" thickness aluminum is much easier to bend/dent than steel. It is for this reason that we do not recommend aluminum for use in horse stall components. 43 Call 800.853.1611 | Fax 419.825.2433 | Email ramm@rammfence.com FINISH OPTIONS