2017 RAMM Catalog RAMM 2017 Catalog - Page 37

Horse Stall Systems The RAMM Value Nobleman Stall shown with optional finials, “V” door opening and mesh bottom doors When selecting stalls, it is important to consider the materials and features. At RAMM, we pride ourselves on offering quality stalls at an exceptional value. Function and safety are paramount with all of our products. Quality of Materials At RAMM, we build all of our stalls from steel. Gauge (ga) refers to the thickness of steel. Thicker steel will have a lower gauge, while thinner steel will have a higher gauge. The majority of our stall series use 14ga channels and 16ga bars. With the exception of the Essex Series, all bars below 48" are 14ga for added strength and safety. Tuscany and Nobleman Series feature 12ga channels and all bars are 14ga. Raw steel refers to steel that has no finish to prevent rust from forming. Other names for this type of steel are hot rolled and cold rolled. Whil e some other manufacturers will powder coat over raw steel, RAMM powder coats over pre-galvanized or Galvalume® steel to provide additional rust protection. This means that even if a horse scrapes the paint by chewing, rubbing, etc., there is still a layer of galvanization to keep corrosion at bay. Craftsmanship All of our stalls are proudly made right here in our Northwest Ohio workshop. Our region’s rich history in manufacturing, particularly in the auto and steel industries, gives us ready access to high quality materials and finishers. When possible we use hidden welds for a clean, finished look. The bars are placed through pre-punched holes in the U-channel and then welded securely in place. Attention to Detail Our stalls are designed for horse people, by horse people. From the door latches to the track system and the finish options to the ease of installation, we carefully consider each aspect of our stalls to ensure that they function safer and simply in a working barn. For example, our Kit Stalls feature rubber grommets to prevent bars from rattling, while our top catch and bar latches leave nothing in the doorway to catch on clothes or your horse. At RAMM, we hand-inspect each hot- dipped galvanized item for burrs and inconsistencies. In our warehouse, every order is triple-checked for accuracy and photographed after it is packed. Automatic Upgrades Many features that are standard for RAMM stalls are considered upgrades by other manufacturers. For example, all of our powder coated stalls come with matching painted screws for a seamless finish, while our new “One Touch” track system features a self-cleaning track and trolleys with sealed, greased roller bearings. Nameplates and shavings guards are included on grill and mesh bottom door styles, while the bar latch has a stainless steel receiver. 37 Call 800.853.1611 | Fax 419.825.2433 | Email ramm@rammfence.com THE RAMM VALUE