2017 RAMM Catalog RAMM 2017 Catalog - Page 24

Q & A with RAMM Electric Fence “ Years ago, our family had a boarding facility with over 26 horses on the RAMM farm. Our goal was to provide a safer facility, with the best fencing available. Our 525 Flex Fence® rail worked like a dream for the stallions, mares, ponies and foals on the farm. However, we had a few chronic cribbers, kickers with common fence lines - fence lines between pastures without aisles. Some of these fence lines were ‘high traffic areas’, areas where horses played over the fence. At times you need to have the extra protection of electric fence and keep horses away from your rail. What is Pro-Tek? ” RAMM Fence has selected the best in class electric fence products and contracted with manufacturers to make upgrades specifically for us. We offer them under our brand name of Pro-Tek. Why should I purchase Pro-Tek Electric Fence? RAMM Fence backs all our Pro-Tek products with unmatched warranties and lifetime customer service. Our products are not available in local farm stores. No on-line catalog site can equal the buying experience you will receive from RAMM Fence. What parts do I need? It seems complicated to me. Electric Fencing requires insulators to hold your fence rail on your posts, a charger appropriate for the size pasture, at least 3 ground rods, a fence tester and under ground burial wire. Those are the basics. Installation is not difficult and our staff will walk you through any questions you may have. I see most chargers list the miles of fence that it will cover. Is this a good measure of output? Not really. The effectiveness of a charger is based on many different things: soil moisture, size of ground field, type and amount of fence so that is a pretty simplified way to measure. Joules rating is a better measure of the output of an electric fence charger. A good rule of thumb is 1 Joule for a 5 acre pasture. However, if you live in an area with limited rainfall or long periods below freezing, you may need to increase both your ground field and the output of your charger to get the desired 4,000 volt minimum. Will Electric Fence harm my horse? From a horse’s perspective, electric fence is no more than a bite or a kick from a warning horse that is saying “STAY AWAY”. Horses are inherently wired to respect that kind of warning. That is why Electric Fence works so well with horses without the actual negative effects of a bite or kick. Horses can detect ozone emitted by the electric fencing and respect its “bite.” 24 ELECTRIC FENCE Q & A Prices subject to change. Visit rammfence.com for up to date items and pricing.