2017 RAMM Catalog RAMM 2017 Catalog - Page 2

Welcome …to our family business. We started RAMM because of our need to find horse products that are not only stronger but longer lasting. In our quest to provide significantly better products to our customers, we have been privileged to have carried every high tensile coated polymer fence on the market. Then, we listened to our customers requests for easier installation, longer warranties and streamlined hardware. After years of R&D, our Flex Fence® is a stand alone product with materials that are safer, stronger and manufactured with superior quality. Our stall division started the same way. We carried a number of brands and decided that we needed to manufacture stalls with closer bar spacing, quality control and strength. Since our stall manufacturing building is on site, we can see everything our craftsmen do, from beginning to end. They are proud of their work, and so are we. We did the research for you - for today. We offer the best products available. Our ‘one stop shop’ includes everything you need for your pastures and barn. We are the only company that manufactures both fencing and stalls for your farm. the strength you need We have purchased fencing twice “ for 2 different farms. It is secure enough for use with our stallions, yet safe enough for use in our mare and foal pastures. Your staff has gone above and beyond to help design Debbie Disbrow Founder and President 2 our pasture fencing and get us ” the products we need.