2017 RAMM Catalog RAMM 2017 Catalog - Page 16

Flex Fence® Systems Does Your Fence Flex? 4 rails of 525 Plus Flex Fence® has survived some of the greatest storms and severe weather. Trees have fallen on this fence, putting more pressure on the rail than any animal could. In most cases, the trees were cut off the fence and the rails have sprung back. BEFORE… 4 rails of Raceline AFTER! 4 rails of Raceline A Happy Customer… “ Thank you Ramm Fence. Thank you so much for making a fence that withstood Hurricane Matthew and the trees that fell on it. My 4.25" fencing held the trees and snapped back into place when I was finally able to get the trees cut down. I am telling EVERYONE about it. Thank you so much, words cannot express the money I have saved this weekend with having installed your fencing. ” 16 DOES YOUR FENCE FLEX? Prices subject to change. Visit rammfence.com for up to date items and pricing.