2017 RAMM Catalog RAMM 2017 Catalog - Page 15

Coated & Electric Coated Wire Systems Hardware Installation Options End Loops (A) ( diagram not to scale ) In-Line Tensioner (B) Claw Insulators (C) post spacing 8' to 12' on center 2" Barbed Staples (E) End/Corner Post ( 6"- 7" round ) Brace Post ( 4" round ) Wood Line Posts ( 4" - 6" round ) OR rail spacing dependent on animal T-Post Insulators (D) T-Posts Used for coated wire only. Not to be used with Flex Fence® Concrete Footers ( 18" or below frost line ) Concrete Footers ( 36" or below frost line ) Easy to Install… Our engineers have developed components that make installation easier and faster for the DIYer and professional installers. Our staff will help you with any components you need and answer all of your questions. (A) End Loop - $3.98 Available in white, black or brown • End Loops are designed with ease of installation in mind. Used at the ends of your fence, they simply loop over your wood end post. Pull tight and your fence line is ready to install. Acts as an insulator for Shockline (C) Claw Insulator - $8.98 Available in white or black • In-Line Tensioners easily attach to the end loop allowing for the coated wire to be tensioned. • Claw Insulators are made to easily insert the electric rail through the claw and hold the rail to the wood post. (B) In-Line Tensioner - $4.98 (D) T-Post Insulator - $6.98 Available in white or black • T-Post Insulators are used with metal T-posts to hold the rail in place. • 2" Barbed Staples can be used with Raceline to hold the rail in place on the wood post. (E) 2" Barbed Staple - $2.98/lb 15 Call 800.853.1611 | Fax 419.825.2433 | Email ramm@rammfence.com COATED WIRE HARDWARE