2017 RAMM Catalog RAMM 2017 Catalog - Page 14

Coated Wire Systems Raceline & Shockline 7 rails of Raceline Our Coated Wire System is virtually maintenance free. A neat, clean look with a break strength of 1,400 lbs. per line. A safer alternative for your horses, it offers a very affordable solution. Coated Wire FAQ's How many lines do I need? RAMM recommends 7 lines of coated wire if used without any Flex Fence® rails. We do not suggest using fewer than 5 alone or 3 in conjunction with a top rail of Flex Fence® Do I need to brace my corners if I only use your coated wire system? Yes! When properly installed, each line of coated wire will exert 250 lbs. of pressure on the corner post. Correct bracing is critical when installing coated wire. Can I use T-Posts as line posts with coated wire? Yes…but we do strongly suggest round wood line posts and bracing at corners or ends. Due to the potential safety hazard, RAMM does not sell T-posts. With the increasing cost of steel, 4" round wood posts are often price competitive. 14 COATED WIRE SYSTEMS Prices subject to change. Visit rammfence.com for up to date items and pricing.