2017 Polis Center Annual Report 2017 Polis Center Annual Report - Page 19

C O R P O R AT E A N N U A L R E P O R T | 1 9 Organizational Structure The Polis Center at IUPUI operates as a matrix organization, with directors for each area of emphasis who draw from a common pool of technical support staff for specific project needs. We also staff a communications function that supports our major areas of work. Administration David Bodenhamer, Executive Director (also directs the Spatial Humanities area) Sharon Kandris, Associate Director (from March 2017; also directs the Community Informatics Area) Melissa Gona, Business Manager Gloria Harmsen-Hastings, Financial Assistant Lou Ann Glidden, Administrative Assistant Community Informatics Sharon Kandris, Director Kelly Davila, Senior Research Analyst John Hayes, Data and Quality Assurance Coordinator Deb Hollon, GIS Analyst Matt Nowlin, Research Analyst Kim Sarver, Project Manager Unai Miguel Andres, GIS Technician James Colbert, Consultant Students: Ian Adams, Intern (Informatics) Tim Bailey, Intern (Data Analytics) Henry Dan, Intern (Informatics) Peter Garner, Research Assistant Timothy Gondola, Intern (GIS) Kirstin Oaldon, Intern (GIS) Connor McAndrews, Intern (Data Analytics) Nimra Nayyar, Research Assistant Alyson Stichter, Intern (Data Analytics) Anna Zanoni, Intern (Informatics) Geoinformatics Tarek Rashed, Director Matthew Riggs, Senior GIS Analyst Lacey Bannon, GIS Project Coordinator Richard Ryan Stevens, GIS Analyst Kavya Urs Beerval Ravichandra, GIS Analyst Kayla Kauffman, GIS Analyst Cassie Fitzwater, Technical Writer Robert Gottlieb, Research Assistant Student: Haki Johnson, Intern (GIS) Health Geoinformatics Karen Comer, Director Students: Jennifer Susemichel, Undergraduate Intern (Health Informatics) Nimra Niyyar, MPH Graduate Student Intern Amnah Anwar, MPH Graduate Student Intern (until Dec 2016) Kirstin Oaldon, GIS Intern (course credit) (until May 2017) Alyson Stichter, Intern (Health Informatics) Janet Hock, Senior Scholar (Academic Volunteer Appointment) Professional Education Kevin Mickey, Director Spirit and Place Pam Blevins Hinkle, Director LaShawnda Crowe Storm, Community Engagement Director Erin Kelley, Program Director Students: Karen Lynch, Service Learning Assistant (Event Logistics) Shamira Wilson, Service Learning Assistant (Community Engagement) Systems Development Neil Devadasan, Lead Systems Engineer/Systems Engineering Manager James Dowling, Database Administrator Robert Ferrell, Senior Programmer John Gona, LAN Technician Gautham Bavandla, Research Programmer Communications Allegra East, Manager Norma Erickson, Writer/Researcher Studen