2017 Polis Center Annual Report 2017 Polis Center Annual Report - Page 15

C O R P O R AT E A N N U A L R E P O R T | 1 5 Gary Lock, Emeritus Fellow, Professor of Archaeology, Department for Continuing Education, University of Oxford, UK Barney Warf, Professor of Geography and Atmospheric Science, Department of Geography and Atmospheric Science, Kansas University, USA May Yuan, Ashbel Smith Professor of Geospatial Information Sciences, Geospatial Information Sciences, University of Texas-Dallas, USA Spirit & Place Key Accomplishments 21st Annual Spirit & Place Festival • Featured 40 events (73 occurrences) in partnership with 167 cultural, faith-based, and civic organizations and enjoyed by 27,230 people. This is a 33 percent increase in events, an 88 percent increase in partner organizations, and a 362 percent increase in attendance (a 22.8 percent increase, if removing the single event that drew 20,000). • Festival highlights: >Four signature events with appeal to diverse audiences. >Spirit & Place’s first commissioned artwork, featuring local spoken-word artist Tony Styxx. >A new sliding scale fee and later application deadline to increase accessibility for artists and small organizations. >A $1,000 Award of Awesomeness for an exemplary festival event partner, won by Ebenezer Baptist Church for its event, Riverside Speaks, which brought together the neighborhood’s past, present and future. • Notable products and original materials created because of the festival: >A story map documenting the lives of local refugees created by The Polis Center. >A “how-to” on creating school or community center programs that honor the earth. >A script created by The Sapphire Theatre Company that facilitates dialogue on the moral injury experienced by veterans. Community Engagement & Capacity Building • New collaborations brokered by Spirit & Place will have lasting impact on several organizations and the communities they serve. For example, we helped the South Eastside Working Class Task Force move from two years of conversation to action. With our coaching, they won a $1,000 grant from Indiana Humanities’ All IN Block Party program and partnered with a local school to create an event exploring the Appalachi &G2B7F'bFV 6VG&RF#R7GVFVG2BFV f֖ƖW2'F6FVB( W2&Vf&Rvv36VFW2VFW"FRW@&6&FFVB'F&w&fW76 7VRGBFR66bƖ&W&'G2v2vW6VW72v&B֖VRFRfW7Ff'VFr6VG6FVv'FB'&Vv@GFVFFƗGFRֶv6VGFB0r&VVF76VB'vv26vf6FǒRbFR'F6G2v6GFVFV@FRvVG&g6W&W2v27&VBF&VvFP&&RFVrv&r672F6f&6R( V"rF67W766W&W26VBvVG&gFRvBFR&BBFRVvǒG&WrfW"C6VGV&W'2F2WFf6ƗFFV@WfVBFG&W76VB77VW2&vrg&7VGW&676W2FFRFffW&V6R&WGvVVWVF&PFWfVVBBV6֖2FWfVVBV6F67W76fVGW&VB6f6W2@FWW'G2f6RvF&'W7BV&Ɩ0F67W76F2Vff'B6VFVBƖP&W6W&6RF7VVB&V6VfVBg&BvR6fW&vPg&FRFƗ2&V6&FW"BUd@V6VBFWVFVB6VGF6w&W6VBg&FRw&VBWv66FVW2FF67W72&VWfB77VW2