2017 Polis Center Annual Report 2017 Polis Center Annual Report - Page 14

1 4 | C O R P O R AT E A N N U A L R E P O R T • Mickey, K. (Presenter). Georgia GIS Mitigation Planning Strategies: From Vision to Reality. Esri International Users Conference. San Diego, CA. June 28, 2016. • Mickey, K. (Presenter). Incentivizing Resilience: Moving from Ideas to Impact. National Institute of Building Sciences Building Innovation Conference. January 12, 2017. • McCoy, C., Mickey, K. (Presenter). Incentivizing Resilience: Moving from Risk Analysis to Impact. National Hazus-MH Users Conference. Charleston, South Carolina, November 8, 2016. • Mickey, K (Presenter). Incentivizing Resilience: The Role of the GIS Community in Moving from Risk Analysis to Impact. National States Geographic Information Council Annual Conference. Indianapolis, Indiana. October 29, 2016. • Mickey, K (Presenter). Briefing to staff of the U.S. House of Representatives, Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. Using Incentives to Reduce the Impact of Disasters: Pre-Disaster Mitigation Strategies. Washington D.C., September 22, 2016. • Mi ^K XZ\K\[[[H\BوT܈H[[\\[[][X][ۂو]\[^\\[X[H]HTۙ\[KX^H L  M˂(HZX^K XZ\K\[ [[ۊB[NH]Z]Y][]\[^\\[X[H]HTۙ\[KX^H L  M˂(HZX^HZ\H[X[H[ܘ\X’[ܛX][ۈ[[YX][ۈ[Z]YKX\\Y]X[]][YX][ۂܝ[]Y\܈H[X[HT[][]B[ZZ\][Y]HTXY\[\\\˂(HZX^H\\\Z\وH][ۘ[[]]BوZ[[Y[\ PH][Z^\Z]Y][ۈ[[ SPKHSP\\›ۈYX[Hۜ\]Y[\[˜\X]Y]]\[[X[[XYH^\Z[[[[\X\K[\[X\ MHSP[HP[[ۂ[[K[\[K[X[\]H[BX\Y[Y[[H] MH\\'][[KQ\\\\[Y[H\YۈXX[]]H[[]^][ۋ8'HX\\Y[\\HHY\[Y\]]B[^X]]H[\ˈۈ]Y\  MZX^H\X\]Y[H]H\Hܝ[BۈX\[[H܈\\\\[Y[H]\[Y[YH\ܚˈ[ݙ[X\ MHSPY[HXZ܈\]Hو][X\Œ H8'Z]Y][ۈ]\'HYK]ٝ[B][YYHY[YYY[]\YHو ]Y܈]\H H[[SPHZ]Y][ۈܘ[˜]X]Y[ [X\]XZH^\˂H]YH[\ݙ\HۙK^YX\\[\[X][^[Z[HHYX][\قHY\[HوY\[ܘ[\[\XYX›Z]Y][ۈX\]Y\ˈZX^H[\Z\Y\H[XY[\Y]ܜۈH]\[Hܝ[ۈو\YHX\]XY[\\HHYH[Hو[ ]H[Y\[ZZ\˂(HZX^HۘY\HYK^YX\\HۂH\و\XܜوH\[[Y[ۘ[[ܛX][ۈ\[\\X][ۂTTJH[ؙ\ MˈH[\[Y\HZ\X[\وHTTHٙ\[ۘ[YX][ۈX]\X[[Z]YKX\›ݙ\Y\ۜX[]HوTTBٙ\[ۘ[XX][ۜ˂]X[[X[]Y\’^HX\\Y[¸(H\ܚ[][[Y\X\[\[[\ܝ[Y][]܈H[X[]Y\˜[X[Y[\^\HXZ܈H[HUBܘ[[[K8'\\Y܈[\ۛY[[[x'H [Y MK(HH\X[[\܈]X[[X[]Y\܈XH\HXY\\X\Y]\[]\Y\›ۈ]X[[X[]Y\ [X[H[]\]H\K\X][ۜ\[][ۜ¸(HHY^\&Hܚ]][]\]Bو\؛ۈ[]YY[[]\]Hو[\[\\][ۈ܈[UHܚ^ۈ   Bܘ[]XZ]Yۙ]Y]][\M