2017 North America Fall Catalogues 2017 Fall Catalog - US - Page 55

Real People. Real Impact. Jen Carlson Vice President Sales Leader, NC Creating Safe Havens for 6 years Susan Cooke Senior Executive Being able to share the gift of the Norwex business opportunity with my Hosts, Customers, family and friends has been such a blessing, as you never know how it can impact someone’s life. Watching team members personally grow, achieve goals and become confident is one of my favorite parts about my 'job'! As a result of sharing the business opportunity with others and growing my team, I’ve been able to transition away from my corporate job, stay home with my new baby and continue to bring in a full-time income—all while doing something I love. Best career decision ever! I started my Norwex business so that I had something for me. I loved the blessing of staying home with my children, but I needed something more and this was perfect. I never dreamed that it would grow to the point where I was able to support our family when my husband was injured and couldn't work. What a blessing it is to be able to share this opportunity with others and watch as it changes them, grows them and financially frees them. Sales Leader, NY Creating Safe Havens for 4 years Tiffany Anderson Vice President Sales Leader, IN Creating Safe Havens for 3 years I first joined Norwex for the discount and to get FREE products. I wasn't looking for a career. I was a stay-at-home mom and didn't really need the income, but loved the opportunity to make some extra money for myself. Soon I learned that Norwex had so much to give me that I was missing—a sense of purpose and self-confidence that I was lacking. I was planning on doing a few parties—earning my kit and some products for FREE—but I am still selling in a thriving business three years later. Since starting Norwex, I became a single mom—something I had never envisioned. I am able to provide for my twin boys and also be there for them. It's so empowering. I had no idea the road my life would lead me on, but I am so thankful for Norwex and being able to pay the bills while being present in my boys’ lives. What a blessing this business opportunity has been. 55