2017 North America Fall Catalogues 2017 Fall Catalog - US - Page 46

WHO SAYS Bath Time CAN’T BE Fun? Product Review “We love the 4-in-1 Kids Wash and Kids Towel for a safe, fun bubble bath experience! My kids love bath time even more now, and my husband and I love the convenience of using only one product! The Kids Towel brings a fluffy, cozy end to bath time, and I appreciate the fact that I can use it over and over before laundering it!” Shauna Mink, Executive Sales Leader, RI Creating Safe Havens for three years 4-in-1 Kids Wash Baby Body Pack Kids Towel Baby Hooded Towel Set With lots of bubbles and a fresh, happy scent, our 4-in-1 Kids Wash effectively replaces four products—body wash, bubble bath, shampoo and conditioner—reducing th B[X\وX[[ZX[[\]HۙH\™^YˈH[H[H۝Z[[^\]H[و[YܘYXH[\Z[XH[ܙYY[]X]B[[Z\Y[[[Hٝ[X[[YBY[[ۈ]XZ\ۜوۙ[\[X\YHB\X[[]\[]\[[]XYܘ[\˂^N ͈[  ދ][HΈ NKNB ]]Yܜ[ٝ \\XXܘ[ZXܛٚX\]8&\B[[X]HY[H^K]XZXܛٚX\XZ\]\\\Y] [[\[[[ݙH\[8&\^\[\\][[]Bٝ\ˈ[Y\X[XX\X[Y[[[[Z[]B[ [H[X\X[܈][H[ [H܈[[Y\]ZXK^N LH H ˌ ˍM][HΈ L X[YH]ܘ[H[B][HΈ L H\H][YHܙY[[B KNBX[\\[ۜو\[\^HH\H\\\ٝ\HYX[܈[X]H[وXY\[[[^H[›XZHۙ\[ [ZX[ YYBX\\\\B^N H H ˎ Ȉ ˎ Ȃ][HΈ L H\[ܜ‰ M NH]و •\ٝ YK\\XXܘ[][Y\HY[[XH YX[܂]؛ܛ\Y[ H H H HXH KHH KHH L L][HΈ L LZ[ܙY[ KNH]و