2017 North America Fall Catalogues 2017 Fall Catalog - US - Page 29

Ultra Power Plus™ Laundry Detergent This highly concentrated, superior stain-fighting powder contains biodegradable surfactants and is free from phosphates and fillers. Designed for both high-efficiency and conventional washing machines, Ultra Power Plus whitens whites, brightens brights and dissolves grease and grime. Safe on all fabrics, including hand- washables and Norwex Microfiber. Works in all water temperatures. Washes up to 100 loads in a high-efficiency machine, 66 in a conventional machine. Size: 1 kg / 2.2 lbs Item #: 1125 $24.99 Product Review “Norwex laundry products save time, save money, save your health and are very effective. The laundry detergent lasts my family of 4 (HE washer) for 3 months! Huge money savings! Plus, it works great for taking out stains from really dirty work clothes without pretreating. The dryer balls eliminate the need for toxic dryer sheets and fabric softener as well as reduce drying time, static and wrinkles. I will never go back to store-bought laundry products!” Trista Rose Senior Executive Sales Leader, OK Creating Safe Havens for 2 years 29