2017 Miniature Horse World Winter 2017 - Page 86

Horse Paperwork When the Snow Flies, Get Organized! By Twyla Amero Rudolph from Facebook page MINIATURE HORSE DISCUSSION BARN I have been working diligently on paper- work, trying so hard to keep everything current and organized. I’ve come up with a few ideas for registration paperwork, etc. Because, as we all know, if you don’t stay on top of it, it can get overwhelming! Here are a few tips that I’ve found save time and frustration for me: Make a horse book binder using clear sleeves to store each horse’s registration certificates, health papers, etc. Make a maintenance record for each horse also where you can list worming dates, vet visits, and farrier appointments. Keep copies of your stallion reports, photographs, everything in the sleeves. I also keep a separate list (usually in my to-do book) of every horse’s registration number, foaling date and height recorded. This gives me a quick look up when filling out papers or if someone asks about a specific horse, my handy list is right there. Keep your horse current on paperwork. When going through the binder, I use post it notes on the horse’s pages to note any work that needs to be done and due dates. (Temp to Perms, Stallion Reports, etc.) In my filing cabinet, I keep a paper folder with print out forms and work or- ders to use for registration work. This is also where I keep my membership card/number so I always know where it is. When I send off a work order to the AMHA office, I either photo copy the work www.BreederAlert.com T e O