2017 Miniature Horse World Winter 2017 - Page 6

president’s message by Joe Kahre I n literal terms, we at AMHA have just put twelve months of work, activities, and events into eight months. We have been working fast and furious. Changes in the office staffing, deadline changes, event dates changed, and the list goes on. We were constantly at full throttle to be ready and present each and every one of these things to you, our members, to their best form for the greatest success of our association. The brilliant Alison Stonecypher stepped into the full management and operations of the office with a force of excellence. She has executed many tasks that have been in need of attention for many years. She cares about AMHA; she cares about our people, she strives for success and excellence. What a blessing she has been to our association this year and to each of us. Our wonderful office staff has stepped up their game giving their all for us, whom they are obviously dedicated to and connected to in heart to keep all the wheels in Alvarado turning. Always thanks and appreciation to them! Our regional shows were earlier, making for a challenge to get things happening a little earlier than in past years. In the end, ALL 3 regionals ended in averaging above budget plus of over $4000 a piece. Wow, and wow! The exhibitors came through and did what they needed to do, and showed us that they were behind our decisions and worked there with us for excellence. The World show, with its change in arenas, stalling, dates, proved to be a huge success. This event was eight months of meticulous planning, calculating, and tough decisions to make the experience be a great one. Anyone that was there has to admit that in spite of all the obstacles of change the end result was one that received a very high approval rating by the exhibitors. We will take this great success and build on it for next year making it EVEN better. While some had thought no one would be there, I am more than ecstatic to report that entries in youth, amateur, AND open divisions showed an INCREASE- yet another message to us from the exhibitors. The show world of AMHA is alive and well. Our Annual meeting was moved to the last week in October in a most wonderful, gracious hotel near the airport of Kansas City, Missouri. Our time together there Come Drive with Us! AMERICAN DRIVING SOCIET Y ADS MEMbERS RECEIVE The Whip magazine The Wheelhorse e-newsletter Grant opportunities Members only website section Online driver education and much more ... Part nering with AMHA since 2010 www.americandrivingsociety.org 4 Miniature Horse World WINTER 2017 proved to be one of much productivity, great meetings, intense discussions, decisions, renewed friendships, new friendships, time together in forward motion for our great association. I left this meeting excited about what lies ahead for us in the next year. Hopefully, we can work without the constant pressures of time and make everything even more fabulous. Your support and response are much needed and very appreciated. We need your help; the committees need you there helping them achieving their goals and dreams for you to become a reality. What can you do to help the AMHA? Register those foals, make sure the transfers of sales are followed through, stay up on your paperwork and most of all encourage and support newcomers to the beautiful, wonderful world of the American Miniature Horse, it’s great people, and this excellent association that unites us all together. And please, do NOT succumb to the voices of negativity, the “I can’t’s” that scream so loudly in this world we inhabit anymore. Get on that train of positive forward motion, and when someone speaks ill, work all the harder to be a part of moving us all forward to even greater days ahead. As we come into the Christmas season, please count your blessings, and enjoy the freedoms we are given through Christ’s birth that He might fulfill the prophecy to conquer death and the devil for our eternal salvation. We DO have much to be thankful for. We DO have many responsibilities, and we ARE a blessed people. Embrace all that we have been granted and shirk not from the abilities and responsibilities to seek good. God’s Blessings to you all as we close this year and enter into another that is filled with hope and promises. Merry Christmas,